Fund Raising
Fundraising 2013

Turkman Carpet fundraiser for Bagh-e-Bostan school.

In 2012 Afghan Schools completed a new school for 300 children in the Turkman region of NW Afghanistan. The whole construction was organised by the local community who also donated the site.

Our challenge now is to keep the school fully utilised until the Afghan government takes over the running costs in 2015. The local community have requested that we help them help themselves by marketing some of their fine traditional Turkman carpets made by their own families with a view to all profits going to sustain and enhance the school program.

To view carpets click on link:

Immediate needs are for:
1. A one room clinic to cover basic mother and child health care.
2. Landscaping of the school grounds, including provision of playground/sports area.
3. Garden and paths including outside study area.
4. Construction of one room building for the use of the night watchman.

If you would prefer to donate directly please click on the link